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Our quality policy

The satisfaction of our customers is the centerpoint of our quality policy

The centerpoint of our quality policy is the high-level service of our customer, flexible satisfaction of their requests, utmost compliance with their quality expectations and at the end of the day, winning their satisfaction.
With the standard of our services we want to match the requirements of our Hungarian clients as well as international expectations – and those of the European Union in the first place –; this includes the most state-of-the-art technical conditions and the compliance of the texts in terms of language, professional content and format.
We want to ensure the fulfillment of these requirements with the establishment and roll-out of an efficient and all-encompassing quality management system, comprising the annual definition of the quality targets, control of their attainment, development and continuous monitoring of a three-tier translation control system, elaboration of the work processes, regular control of their implementation and customer satisfaction measuring to enable us to continuously improve our services.
The satisfaction of our customers ensures for our company the possibility of stable and continuous growth and the acquisition of new customers, partners.

By keeping ongoing contact with our old and potential partners we must make sure to learn about their new requirements promptly and to give the fullest, most comprehensive offer to them and present the advantageous parameters of our services.
In an effort to ensure full and continuous compliance with the requirements of our quality assurance system, we make special point of selecting our cooperating partners and subcontractors and of giving them regular training.
We are striving for long-term cooperation resting on mutual advantages with our subcontractors and suppliers in order to reach our quality targets. We expect them to ensure that the services, products delivered by them comply with our standards and with the requirements of our clients.

The efficient operation of the quality management system enables continuous development, and the seamless satisfaction of the requirements of the market and the customers.

Budapest, 30 September 2004

Görögné Gáll Zsuzsa
Managing Director

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